Friday Flashback #180

SOFTIMAGE | XSI v2.0 POWER CREATOR’S GUIDE The full description the super technique and basic functions of Ver2.0. Transition to XSI is OK with one book this from the 3D!

Price 5,600 yen + tax
Author Arene Raferye, Shigeru Araki, Takashi Umezawa, Kadoguchi Yoichiro, ANoriko Saito, Akira Sugiyama, Michael Arias, Rejean Gagne, Shinji Watanabe
Release Date May 2002
Total number of pages 408 pages
Issuance and sale Ltd. aspect Http://Www.FuGra.Tv/ (to a corporate aspect site)
ISBN ISBN4-7572-0924-X

hat tip to Todd Akita who sent me some pictures of the book. Todd adds “Screenshots are from an early Koji Morimoto-directed CM at Studio4c showing how they integrated traditional animation/CG.”

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4


Undocumented environment variables #2



This undocumented env var was mentioned on the XSI mailing list back in 2008 (ice tree background), but I found out about it another, more brute force, way.

* undocumented env var #1 was XSI_DISABLE_NEW_PICK (see also here, where XSI_DISABLE_NEW_PICK is a workaround for failed component selection in a virtual environment like Parallels)