Friday Flashback #186

The Softimage User’s Site circa 1998
Maintained by Benjamin Grosser and hosted by the Beckman Institute Visualization Facility.

The Softimage User’s Site (, garnering thousands of hits from around the world daily, provides a tremendous amount of information on Softimage.

The Learning Resources section provides links to online tutorials, books and sample databases. The KnowledgeBase Index is a quick-link to all of Microsoft’s Softimage KB entries. Of most importance is the Softimage Mailing-List Archive, a web-browsable and searchable archive of all nine of the Softimage Mailing-List’s, dating back to 1994. The Softimage Mailing-List’s are the primary source of troubleshooting and technique information on Softimage, with an average of 40-50 messages per day on the 3D list.


Friday Flashback #182

Screenshot and caption from the July 2000 3d world review of Softimage XSI 1.0. Check out the old-style PPG.
Modelling is good but nothing to write home about, but things should improve. You do get the veritable pwerhouse of Softimge 3D thrown in for free, but integration between packages is certainly not ideal. Softimage XSI doesn’t support trimmed surfaces, for example.

The case of Sendori64.dll and the Softimage startup crash

In this case, a Softimage user reported that on a machine where Softimage had worked on consistently for years, XSI.exe was now crashing at startup with the “Failed to save scene before system failure” error. He’d done all the troubleshooting steps, but still hadn’t found a solution.

It’s hard to resist a challenge like that, so I got my hands on the Process Monitor log, and it turned out to be a bit of an easy case. I went through the Process activity, and just before the crash (you can tell the crash point by where XSI.exe does a ProcessCreate on senddmp.exe), I took a look at the DLLs loaded by XSI.exe. Usually you’re looking for something that doesn’t belong, and when I saw Microsoft, Autodesk, Flexera, Apple, Apache, and…Sendori??? I thought I might have something.

The Google results for Sendori were a bit sketchy (a DNS redirector, yikes), so we removed it, and that fixed the startup crash.