Installing aaOcean

Download Install for mental ray Extract the aaOcean download package. Create a new workgroup (or use the Softimage User location). Copy the aaOceanDataShader.dll and aaOceanShaderDefinition.dll from here: aaOceanRev255\aaOcean\MentalRay\Softimage2014 to $MY_WORKGROUP\Application\Plugins Copy aaOceanDeformer.dll from here: aaOceanRev255\aaOcean\Softimage\Softimage2014\ to $MY_WORKGROUP\Application\Plugins\ $MY_WORKGROUP is … Continue reading

[SItoA] Installing the alShaders in Softimage

Cross-posted from the Arnold Support Corner. Here’s how to install third-party, SPDL-based shaders, like alShaders, so that you can use them with SItoA. In these instructions, $AL_SHADERS is the location where you extracted the alShaders download. For example, C:\solidangle\alShaders\alShaders-win-0.4.0b18-ai4.2.0.6. $SITOA_WORKGROUP … Continue reading