KB Articles

  • TS14092874 Diagnosing license problems on a Softimage workstation
  • TS14086781 Using different versions of Python in Softimage
  • TS14040297 Softimage and registry cleaners
  • TS14021083 Installing Softimage from the command line
  • TS14076380 Installing add-ons when you have multiple workgroups
  • TS14076125 Using the old (pre-ICE) particle system
  • TS14068523 Adding connection icons to shader compound PPGs
  • TS14068531 Support for Softimage 2010 on Windows 7
  • TS14049693 ERROR : 2006 – Unexpected failure at line 23 of TransformUVs.js
  • TS14044819 Checking whether a custom property is a character key set
  • TS14041450 LTU.exe – Entry Point Not Found
  • TS14040325 Viewport display problems when changing subdivision
  • TS14040315 Setting values on local copies of custom renderer properties
  • TS14040254 Licensing Error with error code 110 when activating a standalone license
  • TS14039788 FBXImport command always adds to scene instead of merging
  • TS14012795 Setting defaults for viewport settings
  • TS14012663 Changing the licensing method
  • TS14007298 ICE tree cannot resolve attribute references
  • TS14007426 Opening a scene enables Face Robot and switches to the Face Robot layout
  • TS14003709 Setting PPGLayout.Logic in Python
  • TS13990531 Migrating preferences from the command line
  • TS13991007 Setting up a network license on Vista
  • TS13995178 Crosswalk not available in Softimage
  • TS14000577 XSI.exe always takes Advanced licenses
  • TS14002893 Setting up a silent install with SiteDeploy.ini
  • TS13901061 Cannot run 2010 Trial
  • TS13885299 Face Robot sample scenes appear to be corrupted
  • TS13842258 Turning on Customer Error Reporting (CER)
  • TS13834108 Replacing the default splash screen
  • TS13622388 Invalid product key
  • TS13832580 Limiting the number of threads used by Softimage
  • TS13830090 Softimage always starts up in the Face Robot layout
  • TS13828343 Overriding parameters on multiple materials
  • TS13827885 ERROR : 2000 – Unable to create object [CLSID{A8BF89CA-1025-11D2-B5FD-006094EB029C} : %SUMATRAPATH%moaudio.dll
  • TS13823005 Softimage license server conflicts with other product license server
  • TS13822510 Setting up a license server for a combination of Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, Mudbox, and MotionBuilder licenses
  • TS13822453 Network licenses and hardware upgrades
  • TS13822478 Sprite shader and alpha transparency
  • TS13780212 ”’Video”’ Troubleshooting 101: Softimage cannot find the license server
  • TS13816872 Combining licenses
  • TS13541551 Creating multiple license server services
  • TS13753476 Error : MEM 0.6 fatal 031008: can’t allocate
  • TS13780301 warn 052006: cannot invert a transformation matrix
  • TS13737415 ”’Video”’ Troubleshooting 101: The License Server
  • TS13749804 Load Scene and Save Scene dialog boxes do not appear
  • TS13749735 Menus do not display correctly on secondary monitor
  • TS13747693 ”’Video”’ Troubleshooting 101
  • TS13737466 Autodesk Network License Manager 11.6.1
  • TS13724257 Hiding the output image when rendering from the Softimage user interface
  • TS13723440 Flipbook crashes when you click File > Export
  • TS13706766 Creating a keyboard shortcut for the Preview command
  • TS13719689 Crosswalk FBX support for multiple UVs
  • <a href="http://usa.autodesk.com/getdoc/id=DL13717717 DL13717717 Autodesk Licensing Server Tools 11.5
  • TS13706766 Suppressing the “Do you want to save” prompt when you quit Softimage
  • TS13706530 Creating custom locations for compounds
  • TS13633389 Turning a light into a projector
  • TS13621903 Error: The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002)
  • TS13620776 Light shines through objects
  • TS13587543 FLEXnet Licensing error:-97,121
  • TS13586588 Slower startup after setting up satellite rendering
  • TS13577388 “Access is denied” errors during satellite rendering
  • TS13576896 Error: The plug-in is not compatible with the current platform
  • TS13577108 Linux – Cannot play back audio in Softimage when another application is accessing the sound card
  • TS13572797 Changing the output path for mi file exports
  • TS1357156 Exporting mi files with ExportMI2File
  • TS13571488 Changing the default directory structure for projects
  • TS13556534 Product Support Video: Using events for pre- and post-render scripts
  • TS13566041 Pre-render and post-render scripts
  • TS13567348 Creating a texture space control on a property page
  • TS13419971 Loading older scenes that contain volumic light effects
  • TS13550180 Softimage render licensing
  • TS13541487 audiodisplayfiles (.adf) files
  • TS13541480 dsprojectinfo file
  • TS13541455 Creating a Softimage project without running Softimage
  • TS13541449 Saving scenes outside of projects
  • TS13541215 Cannot add a project in the Project Manager
  • TS13525006 Invalid project error when saving a scene
  • TS13522800 Display problems in OpenGL viewports when using selection tools
  • TS13514010 Render Tree does not display shaders connected to Material node
  • TS13510724 Warning: objects were not saved normally
  • TS13498182 License Management Utility has stopped working
  • TS13487723 Product Support Video: Debugging scenes
  • TS13468716 Product Support Video: Troubleshooting startup crashes with Process Monitor
  • TS13473421 Error: No Interactive Network License Available
  • TS13443934 BA_Volume warning about lookup table size when rendering ICE particles (Published date: 2009-Jun-17)
  • TS13414068 ERROR : ActiveX component can’t create object
  • TS13384366 Softimage crashes at startup when Digital Persona installed
  • TS13396844 Setting up network licenses
  • <a href="http://usa.autodesk.com/getdoc/id=TD13386202 TD13386202 Setting up Softimage to use multiple license servers
  • TS13376704 Error: The serial number you entered is not valid
  • TS13285880 Satellite rendering causes fatal mental ray errors

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