8 thoughts on “Softimage 2012

  1. Hi There,
    I would love your help. Im trying to run the trial version of Softimage on my brand new, full spec (specifically so I could use this program) 27″ iMac. I got the better graphics card and more memory put in. I’ve installed parallels 6 with Windows 7 Professional 64bit. I downloaded The Softimage trial to make sure it works before I buy it, but although it opens, it opens incredibly slowly, and runs even slower. the mouse flickers up and down with the circular replacement for the old sand timer spinning constantly as it struggles to think what it should do.
    I really want to get it working. I even went into the settings of Parallels and assigned more ram to my virtual machine.
    Still no luck.
    Is there anything really obvious that I’m missing?
    I’ve read up online about it and for a few years people have been running xsi on a mac.
    Do you know why I might be having this problem?
    Any and all help will be gratefully recieved…

    Best wishes

  2. Hi there, Thanks for your reply!
    My iMac has 16 Gigs of RAM, and I’ve assigned 8 to parallels. It won’t let me assign any more than that. My graphics card is an AMD Radeon HD 6970M.
    Sadly the problem is from the very start.
    I’ll try bootcamp and let you know if that works…
    Thanks again

    • Sorry, Fedora 14 is still the officially supported version, so I don’t have any info Fedora 15.
      What happens on Fedora 15?

  3. My softimage 2012 stopped working on x-mas eve. I uninstalled everything autodesk and reinstalled and was unseccessful. I downloaded 2014 version but still it doesn’t start up. I get the “there is no interactive network license avaliable to run Autodesk.” I’m in my half way through my final semester of college and I can’t afford to not be able to use softimage. Please help.

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