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Windows 7

Setting up Softimage licensing

Setting up a license server for a combination of Softimage and other Autodesk products

  • TS13823005 Softimage license server conflicts with other product license server
  • TS13822510 Setting up a license server for a combination of Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, Mudbox, and MotionBuilder licenses
  • TS13816872 Combining licenses
  • TS13541551 Creating multiple license server services
  • TS13386202 Setting up Softimage to use multiple license servers

Basic troubleshooting for licensing problems

  • TS13473421 Error: No Interactive Network License Available
  • TS14092874 Diagnosing license problems on a Softimage workstation
  • TS14132177 Checking the network connection to the license server
  • TS13737415 ”’Video”’ Troubleshooting 101: The License Server
  • TS13780212 ”’Video”’ Troubleshooting 101: Softimage cannot find the license server

Troubleshooting specific licensing problems

  • TS14034584 Cannot run Softimage in Network or Standalone mode
  • TS14000577 XSI.exe always takes Advanced licenses
  • TS13587543 FLEXnet Licensing error:-97,121
  • TS13498182 License Management Utility has stopped working
  • TS14041450 LTU.exe – Entry Point Not Found
  • TS14040254 Licensing Error with error code 110 when activating a standalone license
  • TS13901061 Cannot run 2010 Trial
  • TS13622388 Invalid product key

Standalone licensing

Borrowing licenses

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