Borrowing Licenses

Network licenses can be borrowed from the license server.

For example, you can borrow a license onto your laptop, and then disconnect from the network and still run Softimage.

To borrow a license:

  1. Connect your laptop to the network (so you can access the license server).
  2. Start Softimage on your laptop.
  3. In Softimage, click Help > About Autodesk Softimage.
  4. Click Product License Information.
  5. Click Borrow License.
  6. Specify a start date and end date for the borrowing period.
  7. You can click Help to read the License Borrowing documentation.

3 thoughts on “Borrowing Licenses

  1. I can’t start Softimage on my laptop since I’m not sure if my network license is configured properly for license borrowing.
    When I installed Softimage, the options for the network license on my main computer tower was set to single license. Do I have to un-install everything and re-install with the manager set to distributed license option ?

  2. OK, but what about to borrow to a workstation which is not connected to the license server and at another place?

    The situation:
    I am working for a time period at my clients office and would like to borrow my personal network license to the workstation there. My client is located 60 Kilometers away from me and I am not able to transfer the client workstation to my office… and I would like to keep my workstation in my office.

    How is this possible?
    Please, this is really important for me.

    Thank you in advance

    • Hi

      In that situation, the only way to borrow the license would be if you could somehow connect to your personal workstation from the client site (for example, through a VPN connection).

      License borrowing absolutely requires that you connect to the license server.

      I think customers often borrow onto a laptop, so they can work with the laptop away from the office.

      For home use, if you are on Subscription, you can request a home use license. That will be a standalone license that you can install on your home PC.

      A standard commercial Standalone license can be transferred between computers.

      If you don’t use the Batch licenses that come with a network license, perhaps you might consider downgrading to a Standalone?

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