Friday Flashback #532

SOFTIMAGE|XSI 3.0 EXP watermark

February 2003

Softimage Offers Free Version of SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.3.0

Specifically designed for training purposes, a free version of Softimage’s 3D nonlinear production software, SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.3.0, is available to download for use with the Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2000 platforms.

A successor to the popular SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.2.0 Experience CD, this software introduces a range of new possibilities for both professionals and 3D novices. Users can access all features found on the advanced version, giving them the ability to create games content using the SOFTIMAGE|XSI real-time shaders, utilize the fully integrated compositing environment, render film-quality images with mental ray v.3.1 technology and save files. However, as it is intended for non-commercial use, watermarks appear on rendered images.

The SOFTIMAGE|XSI EXP v.3.0 also includes six tutorials which provide instruction on everything from learning the user interface and mastering the integrated compositing capabilities, to connecting the SOFTIMAGE|XSI software to other applications in a 3D pipeline.

SOFTIMAGE|XSI EXP v.3.0 is available as a free download from the Softimage website ( or as part of a complete CD-based training kit available for purchase from the same site.

Friday Flashback #527

A Volkswagen retrospective
NEW YORK – Creative collective Psyop ( in New York, recently completed work on a new Volkswagen spot out of Boston agency Arnold Advertising Worldwide. DNA, which was edited in :60 and :30 versions, is the first in a three-spot campaign and is based on the look of renowned artist Evan Hecox’s illustrations.The spot takes an uncluttered approach, with minimalistic landscapes and soft monochromatic red, slate, green and orange colors. Viewers get the sense that they are traveling weightlessly through a VW world as time lapses through the car company’s design history. The studio used Discreet Flame and Softimage|XSI tools to create the commercial, which began airing the end of January.

Justin Booth-Clibborn served as the executive producer for Psyop. Music for Picture in New York City provided the soundtrack.

1 March 2002 Post Magazine

Friday Flashback #524

Here’s something from 1998: a blurb about Digital Studio

SOFTIMAGE|DS is a comprehensive video production environment application that runs on Windows NT machines. SOFTIMAGE|DS was originally called Digital Studio during its development stage, but was later released as SOFTIMAGE|DS.

SOFTIMAGE|DS 2.0 includes a complete real-time effect function for uncompressed data. SOFTIMAGE|DS, as the name suggests, is a comprehensive environment application that allows you to perform all the production processes in video production with a single interface. That means you can do video editing, effects, compositing, painting, audio and titles all in one software.

SOFTIMAGE|DS running on Intergraph StudioZ

SOFTlMAG|DS. Compositing multiple video clip layers

SOFTIMAGE|DS. Apply color correction, texture effects, create mattes, and more

2.0 Beta Control Screen, NAB 1998