LMTOOLS ignores license path environment variables

Actually, no, it doesn’t. Not by default.

You should select the LMTOOLS ignores license path environment variables check box (it’s on the Service/License File tab of LMTOOLS). This prevents LMTOOLS from reading license server information from the ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE key in the registry.

Letting LMTOOLS read license info from the environment can cause a number of problems:

  • LMTOOLS may spend time trying to connect to license servers that no longer exist.
  • Perform Status Enquiry may show errors that refer to some obsolete software you haven’t used in years (but which used some version of FlexLM).
  • Stop Server may stop more than your local license server. It may also stop any server listed in the registry (like, say, the central license server for the whole company).

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