Combining license files

This keeps coming up in the support queue, often in this form: “I have 12 licenses but I can only run Softimage on 3 machines at a time”. This happens because somebody tried to combine license files.

You cannot combine license files of the same product. For example, if you have one Softimage Advanced license for 9 seats, and another Advanced license for 3 seats, you cannot put them together in one .lic file. You’ll end up either with 9 or 3 licenses, depending on the order of the licenses in the .lic. The last license in the file supersedes the others.

You can combine licenses of different products. For example, Max 2010 and Softimage 2010. Or Softimage and Softimage Advanced.

2 thoughts on “Combining license files

  1. Hi,
    can we use Softimage 2010 license files with FLEXlm version 9.2 or 10.8? We have two 2010 license files (2x 2 seats Softimage 2010 with different subscriptions). Is it possible to setup two daemons on the same server for licensing?


    • 10.8 should work fine. I don’t know for sure about 9.2.

      You can’t have two license server services for the same vendor daemon.
      Unless you can get those two licenses combined, you’ll have to run two separate license servers.

      The Business Center can combine the licenses, but both subscription contracts have to have the same expiry date.
      If the expiry dates are different, then you would have to extend one of the contracts.

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