Changing the default values on a PPG

A colleague wanted to use Polygon Reduction on a heavy face mesh, but he didn’t want to apply the Polygon Reduction op with the default 50% Ratio. So he asked me how to change the default values in the Polygon Reduction ppg.

PPG default values come from the preset, so we changed the ratio default, backed up the factory default preset, and then saved a new default preset from the PPG. Not recommended practice, but it worked. Another, safer, way would be to save a preset in the User location and then apply that preset:

var o = ApplyTopoOp(“MyPolygonReduction2.Preset”, “face-mesh”, siUnspecified, siPersistentOperation, null);

HT: luceric:

Default values in spdls are never used except for shaders. In the case of shaders, these default values are used when creating a preset with spdl2preset. For all other types of objects the default value is never even looked at. Softimage developpers have often mistakenly put a “default=” in spdls even though this value is ignored.
The default values for comes from the preset file. To change them, save the preset of the property page on top of the preset file used to create that primitive. These presets are found in the DSPreset folder of the XSi installation. However be aware that this may affect the result of scripts that create these primitives. So it’s best not to change them, and instead write a script that changes the values to what you want.

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