Upgrading to Windows 7

What happens to your Softimage license when you upgrade to Windows 7?

If you have a Standalone license, you can use the License Transfer Utility to transfer the license. Export the license, upgrade, and then import the license on the new machine/upgraded machine.

If you have a network license, the same license will work, as long as the Ethernet address of the computer does not changes. Network licenses are tied to the Ethernet address (aka MAC address or Physical address). If the Ethernet address changes (for example, if you get a brand new computer) then you need to contact the Business Center for a new license.

If you need to contact the Business Center, you can log a service request from the Subscription Center (don’t log a technical support request, log a business service request: there is a separate tab for that).

Moving from XP to Windows 7 means you will be dealing with User Account Control (UAC) for the first time. For some users, this means they have to Run as administrator to use the Softimage command prompt or the UserTools utility.

Also, when you install the Autodesk Network License Manager, most likely the folder C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager will be read-only, so you won’t be able to save your license file in that folder. In some cases, LMTOOLS won’t be able to write to its log file in that folder, which prevents the license server from starting.

If Softimage and the license server are installed on the same Windows 7 (or Vista) computer, then you have to do one of the following:

Also, if you cannot get a license, check that the ports 2080 and 27000-27009 are open in the Windows firewall.

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