Tech notes on standalone licensing

On the train in to work, I spent a little time getting familiar with Standalone licensing. I found a couple of ways to get the there is no interactive license available to run Softimage error:

  • Corrupt or missing ProductInformation.pit
    In %TEMP%\SoftimageLicense.log, you’ll see an entry that mentions the Product Information Table File. For example:

    VendorError=24 [Unable to locate the Product Information Table File]
  • Softimage cannot start the FLEXnet Licensing Service.
    Softimage tries to start this service at startup, and if it cannot start the service (for example, if the service is deactivated), you’ll see this in %TEMP%\SoftimageLicense.log:

    VendorError=101 [The license cannot be accessed/loaded/opened]

    By default, the service is set to start Manual, but you can change that to Automatic and Softimage will still get a license.

5 thoughts on “Tech notes on standalone licensing

    • For a missing/corrupt ProductInformation.pit, you have to either reinstall all Autodesk products, or copy a good ProductionInformation.pit from a machine where it all works.

      For the service, open the Services console (click Start, type services.msc).

      • Where exactly can I find this file? I am going crazy trying to. Thank you in advance for the help.

      • Hi


        By default, the AdlM folder is hidden. In Explorer, click Tools > Folder Options, and go to the View tab. Select the Show hidden files and folders option. You should now be able to see that folder.

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