Deleting reference material libraries

How do you get rid of a reference material library when you don’t need it anymore in a scene? If you try to delete it, you just get this message “ERROR : Invalid procedure call or argument: ‘DeleteObj’ “.

To delete a reference material library, you have to unlock it first:

– Open the explorer.
– Change the scope to Materials.
– Right-click the reference material library, click Locks, and then click Unlock all levels.
– Now you can delete the reference material library.

2 thoughts on “Deleting reference material libraries

  1. This doesn’t work. There is no lock on the node and the option is greyed out.

    Lock info:
    The object Sources.Materials.mrMucus_RIG_mrMucus_LIB_Ref is Locked
    Level: 65535 (Construction + Animation + Manipulation)
    Type: Referenced model
    Lock Masters:

    There is no lock owners under this object’s hierarchy:

    • This works for reference material libraries imported through the Material Manager, but not for material libraries brought in with reference models.

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