13 thoughts on “Installing Softimage 2011

  1. Hi Hirazi
    I just tried it in Firefox and IE7, and I got to the right page. Where does it take you? Page not found? Or somewhere else on the wiki?


  2. BTW – nice work, will come in handy come the actual release date… I’ve started promoting video and wiki-page as I truly believe people should watch/read this BEFORE the release date comes around…

  3. Hmmm… Can you elaborate more on the “Craft Director Studio” check option under the Tools and Utilities area? Is that just an evaluation version of it?

    Also have your 2011 install video up on Twitter by the way: http://Twitter.com/VFXMedia


      • Craft Director Studio, Promotional edition is installed as a plugin. You get free editions of
        – Craft SoftiMotionCam
        – Craft ObserverCam
        – CraftMultiStateCam
        – Craft HumanizerCam

        You also get a free set of pre-rigged models and an extended trial period for all other tools.

        I don’t know why it is not mentioned in the new features list, maybe I’m not supposed to mention it either? 😉

  4. Yes, it’s certainly curious that nothing was mentioned before, but perhaps a last minute decision. The Craft Animation products seem to be very fascinating and I’m glad that Autodesk and Craft are giving us the opportunity to take their cool tools for a spin. 🙂

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