19 thoughts on “rctools compiled for 64-bit Softimage 2011

  1. Can you be more specific? What doesn’t work?

    I compiled RCtools and verified that it loaded into 2011 SP1. I didn’t test the plugin itself.

  2. I have a big problem with this, i installed the addon to try this tool, then i wanted to uninstall it.
    After uninstall i got standard softimage selection completely altered, i cant alt middle mouse -> loop selection anymore, now the loop selection is made with ctrl+ left click.
    also when i start softimage it gives me an error:
    ERROR : 2356 – This plug-in is not installed: rcCustomFilterSettings

    in the prefernces Custom there is still the rcTools preference, even if i delete it.
    any help ? please
    i would love to have standard xsi selection back…

    • Check your selection preferences (the selection model).

      To get rid of the “ERROR : 2356 – This plug-in is not installed: rcCustomFilterSettings” delete %XSI_USERHOME%\Data\Preferences\Custom Filters (RCTools).Preset.

  3. SI 2011 crash when I click rcCompleteAllLoops! some functions work, but most of all didnt work! most important – rcCompleteAllLoops not work!!!
    in preferences I have no rcCustomFilterSettings
    And I still use Rctool 4.0 work perfect (but its have more less functions than 4.2)
    May be it conflict with other xsi addons?

    • Hi

      I tried rcCompleteAllLoops in 2011 SP1 and it worked. If you have RCTools 4.0 installed too, there is probably a conflict.

  4. for 32 bit version, too ?
    Got an error on line 124: iCmd = DisplayPop (“&Complete all loops;&Walk loop (rcLoopWalk);&other loop ops[&Complete all loops (around corners);Complete all edge&rings;—;&Grow loops (rcLoopGrow);&Shrink loops (rcLoopShrink);—;Grow to &Island];”
    SI 2011 sp 1 -32 bit

  5. I got thos message when try to install on 2011 SP1 x64:

    ‘ ERROR : 2424 – XSI failed to load a .NET plug-in. This error happens because the plug-in may have been compiled with a different version of XSI. Recompile the plug-in with the current version of XSI to fix the problem.

  6. Hey

    Previous RCTools uninstalled, this version makes Softimage 2011 crash every time I press complet all loops. Using pattern drops invalid argument error.

    • Your post on si-community shows you have 2011. That could be the problem, I compiled against 2011 SP1.

      I don’t have 2011 installed at the moment to test with.

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