JALSR: Just another licensing service request

Phone call from a customer who upgraded to Windows 7 and now gets “no interactive network license”.

  1. Ask whether license manager was reinstalled, and whether the license was installed. Yes.
  2. This is Softimage 2010 on Windows 7, so edit setenv.bat and change _ADSK_LicServers to @ (Softimage 2011 automatically falls back on, so for 2011 I wouldn’t have to bother with this).
  3. Still can’t start Softimage. Disable firewall to quickly test whether ports are being blocked (telnet not installed on Windows 7 by default, so it’s quicker to just disable the firewall temporarily).
  4. Still cannot start, but it doesn’t appear to be a network connectivity issue. So check SoftimageLicense.log: it says “cannot connect to server”. So, server is probably not running.
  5. Start LMTOOLS and do a Perform Status Enquiry. Yup, server not running.
  6. Start Server, click Perform Status Enquiry to double-check
  7. Start Softimage. It works!
  8. Check that Start Server at Power Up is enabled. It’s not. Neither is “Run as Service”. Very strange. The server shouldn’t have started!!! Oh well. Select both check boxes.
  9. All done, except for the paperwork (case notes, final email, …)

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