Subscription center update

Come Monday morning, you’ll be seeing some changes on the Sub Center when you log a support request.

First, when you create a case, you’ll be asked to choose a topic. For example, license registration and activation or software download or technical support.

Your request will be routed the right person

For technical support requests, there’s a simplified form to fill out. Note that there are now three possible Severity values:

  • 1 – Critical (catastrophic defect with no workaround)
  • 2 – Urgent (major functionality impaired)
  • 3 – Standard (limited or minor adverse affect)

The How can we help you? field defines the type of support case:

  • Troubleshooting Questions relating to product behavior that is not in line with documentation specifications, error messages, file corruption dialogs, Autodesk product interoperability, and data migration between product releases.
  • Installation and Licensing Inquiries about product installation process and options, system requirements, peripheral device setup, and FLEXIm installation and network deployment.
  • How To Inquiries about how to use the features and function within an installed Autodesk product where no operational problem or error message exists.
  • Enhancement An idea or suggestions for a new feature or documentation or a request for an enhancement to an existing feature or documentation.
  • Configuration Inquiries about product performance, security and administrative settings, file import and export questions, database connectivity and interoperability with the O/S network and peripherals.

The simplified tech support request form includes on-screen help text

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