Standalone licenses, trusted storage, and the boot sector

Following up on my post the other day about resetting standalone licenses, here’s some more technical information I on dug up on standalone licenses. I did get some conflicting info from people, particularly about the boot sector.

One person told me that all standalone licenses were written to the boot sector, but a lot of the technical documentation I found said just that trial licenses went on the boot sector.

  • Standalone licenses are encrypted and stored in trusted storage. Trial licenses are standalone licenses that are located on the boot sector (track 0 of the hard drive).
  • Trusted Storage is an encrypted file created by FLEXnet when an application standalone license is activated or a trial license is created for the first time. By default, the trusted storage file is created in the following folder and will have a name similar to
  • Deleting the file file force system to re-create the trusted storage file.
  • The trial anchors can be removed from trusted storage by deleting the trusted storage file itself. The trial anchors can only be removed from the machine by reformatting the drive.

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