2011 HotFix 2 for disconnected shader nodes

HotFix 2 contains fixes for some common scenarios that result in corrupted materials and disconnected shader nodes in render trees. The Hotfix will prevent new corruption, but it doesn’t fix corrupted scenes or models. You will have to fix them one by one when possible.

Note: HotFix 2 includes HotFix 1.

Softimage 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack HotFix2
The SAP hotfix is now available on the Subscription Center (link requires login).

Softimage 2011 SP1 HotFix2
This hotfix is available at the Updates and Service Packs page.

Please make sure you install the right version of the hotfix: SP1 hotfix for Softimage 2011 SP1, and the SAP hotfix for Softimage 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack.

The HotFix Readme is below the fold…

Softimage 2011 SP1 HotFix 1:

Version Compatible with:
-Softimage 2011 Service Pack 1 – Windows x86-Build
-Softimage 2011 Service Pack 1 – Windows x64-Build
-Softimage 2011 Service Pack 1 – Linux x64-Build

The dlls contained in this archive address the following issue(s):

-FELX-1702 Disconnected shaders when importing Referenced Model
-FELX-1651 Scene Corruption in Felix due to Material
-FELX-120 UVunfold fails to load when in suite license mode
-FELX-88 Scene corruption – Softimage SAP crashes when you try to load scene after saving it (continued)

Also included are the dll’s from HOTFIX 1 which addressed the following issues:

-FELX-670 Custom renderer DirtyList isn’t cleared properly
-FELX-785 3rd party renderers crash on Linux
-FELX-88 Scene corruption – Softimage SAP crashes when you try to load scene after saving it
-UDEV00258435 Saved scene is corrupt

Installation instructions:
(Note: It is recommended that you backup any dll or files you will be modifying and or replacing prior to install)

-Quit any currently open sessions of Softimage before making modifications to files.
-Extract the contents of this archive to a local folder.
-Copy and replace all the archive dlls of the respective architecture into the Softimage \Application\bin\ folder.


Windows -> C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Softimage 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack\Application\bin

Linux -> /usr/Softimage/Softimage_2011_Subscription_Advantage_Pack/Application/bin

HotFix’s undergo a similar quality assurance process as other development, however due to the fast turnaround time, HotFix’s are subject to risk.
Customer should plan to have Customer’s own quality assurance process in place before rolling a HotFix out to full production.

13 thoughts on “2011 HotFix 2 for disconnected shader nodes

  1. please, don’t attempt to install the SP1 fix onto an install of the Subscription Advantage Pack, as many people do.

    Also, note that hotfix 2 includes hotfix 1

  2. Any idea, how long it (approximately) will take until the SAP version shows up in the Subscription Center? Are we talking hours, days or weeks here?

    • I would expect it to be available later today, or tomorrow morning at latest.

      If you really need it fast, log a support request or contact me offline.

  3. Thanks, it’s not that urgent to me at the moment, but it’s good to know, as I have already started “spreading the news”…

  4. Thanks but that’s not necessary, I just wanted to know to update my post about the Hotfix 2 on “our” little si-community.

  5. I followed the link above for the SAP Hotfix, logged in and wound up at a ‘Page Not Found’. I am a premium subscriber and am not sure if the fix has made its way to us yet? Maybe the updated version is rolled into the entire suite and I have to redownload the whole thing…not sure?

      • Went to the main page, selected Downloads from the left hand navigation bar then selected ‘Download Your Upgrade Now’ (yellow bar in middle of screen). I am brought to a software download page and the product listed is Ver. 2011 Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 2011 Multilingual with a Release Date of Oct 18, 2010. No mention of a Softimage 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack HotFix2? ANy insight would be appreciated – kinda confused as to where it could be?

  6. Thanks for the screen shot – unfortunately I am not seeing that for my account. The latest update I see in that box is ‘Service Pack 1 for Autodesk MotionBuilder 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack’ with a Release Date: 2010-11-08. I am going to contact customer service – annoying since I opted for the Premium Subscription. Thanks for your help and the post!

    • I wonder if it is because you have a Suite, not Softimage by itself (that’s what I was able to find under your name in the system).

  7. Regardless it should be listed or rolled into the suite download. I see a notification for the fix when I start up SoftImage – very annoyed. I am also missing an option for the Mudbox SP1 for Subscription Advantage Pack which has been out for a while. They should have updated the suites by now for that at least. If you find out anything related to the suites and these missing fixes please post back. Thanks.

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