Area :: Blogs :: Introducing Softimage 2012 with ICE Modeling

Note: There seems to be a technical glitch with the videos at the moment. They don’t load for me in IE or Firefox.

via Area :: Blogs :: Introducing Softimage 2012 with ICE Modeling.

Wow time flies. It was just back in October when we shipped 2011.5 and already we are announcing Softimage 2012. It should only be a few more weeks until we actually ship this too.

Until then here are a few videos made by Chinny and a big list of the features in the release.

Updating the modeling tools has been a pretty common request in the last couple of years. So rather than Softimage building a few new ones, we built the architecture for others to do it in ICE instead. This means while we can build new modeling tools using ICE, so can the community without waiting for us. ICE modeling can be fully procedural, including the ability to create topology from basically nothing… which was not possible before.

Also, for you TDs out there check out what’s new in the SDK. Really sweet stuff like being able to create your own custom manipulators, the OnCommand event and being able to create an undo complex.

Anyway here is the eye candy – enjoy!

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