Friday Flashback #8

GDC 1997

Theme: STONE FREE – Create any game you think. Think what you want.
Stone free is a rebellious attitude of confidence and freedom

Create any game you think: Softimage has the capabilities help create any game you can think of
Think what you want: With Softimage you do not have to limit your imagination

GDC 2000

Softimage Sumatra: Animation redefined
Softimage|3D 3.9: Production proven, 3D workhorse
XSI Viewer Tools: Art pathway for interactive media

GDC 2001

Theme: Innovate. Create. Collaborate.
Softimage games tools offering: Softimage provides a complete, open toolset for game creation that lets users pick and choose functionality to integrate with their existing pipelines and custom engines:

GDC 2004

Theme: Better Faster XSI

GDC 2006

Characters at work, characters at play
Getting into characters: building performances for Next-Generation Productions.
All about being the leader in innovation

GDC 2007

Theme: Play Together

GDC 2008

Theme: ??? I don’t remember ???

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