7 thoughts on “Download the Softimage 2012 documentation

  1. And while you’re at it 😉
    A download version of the Composite 2012 and the Matchmover 2012 help file would be nice too…

    • Ok. But I think the 2011 docs for MatchMover and Composite are essentially the same.

      I haven’t had any luck yet finding the mental ray docs (and they definitely are different 😉

  2. You’re probably right, looking at the Composite 2012 and the MatchMover 2012 help, they both lack any “what’s new” page. Could you perhaps get some external confirmation that the old documentation still applies (i.e. that nothing has changed)?

  3. I’ve installed softimage 2012 sp1 , and this doc seems dosen’t work with it .
    Do I missed something or there is another doc for 2012 sp1 ?

    • The same local doc should work with 2012 SP1 (it does for me).
      Does the file C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Help\Softimage\2012\HelpLocation.txt have the right path to the local help?

      Also, in your prefs, are you set to use the local help? SP1 will have its own set of preferences.

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