Breakup an object by polygon

Here’s one way to take a mesh and turn every polygon into a separate object.

First, download and install the JP_Separate plugin (requires an AREA logon). See below the fold for install instructions.

Then, do this:

  1. Select all polygons.
  2. Click Modify > Poly Mesh > Disconnect Components, and select the Explode check box.
  3. Select the sphere.
  4. Click Modify > Poly Mesh > JP_Separate to make each polygon a separate object.

Hat Tip: Grahame Fuller on the mailing list.

Here’s an example. After breaking up a default sphere into 64 new objects (one per polygon), I used “Transform Objects by Particles” to create this simple effect:

To install JP_Separate:

  1. Extract the ZIP file.
  2. Copy the .js file to the Application\Plugins folder in your User location (or in a workgroup). For example, I installed the script by putting the .js file here: C:\Users\blairs\Autodesk\Softimage_2012\Application\Plugins
  3. Click File > Plugin Manager, and then click Update All. That will load the plugin.

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