Emitting particles from polygon clusters

Here’s an ICE tree that emits a particle from each polygon in a cluster.
In Emit from Position, I’ve set the Rate Type to Total Number of Particles, and the Rate to 1, so I get a single particle per polygon.

I exploded the Align to Emit Location compound and modified it to use the PolygonNormal to align the particles (which I’ve set to “cones”).

Hat tip: Sebastian Kowalski on the XSI mailing list

1 thought on “Emitting particles from polygon clusters

  1. I was strugling with a thing so i post in case someone could use it:
    If you want the cones to fly in the direction they start then connect ‘Normal’ from the compound ‘Get Closest Location on Geometry’ to ‘Direction’ by the compound ‘Emit from Position’.

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