5 thoughts on “Syflex Pin problem

    • Because the Syflex Pin node didn’t take the global transformation matrix into account, you would get strange results when you pinned a cluster. The pinned cluster points would not be positioned property when you ran the sim.

  1. OK, thanks.

    The connection shown seems impossible.I try it and it turns the node red. Can you have a look at my thread for images and the particular problem I am having?

    Clearly something I don’t understand.


    • You don’t need to touch Syflex Pin unless you have an older version of Softimage. If you edit Syflex Pin and it doesn’t have the Get this.kine.global, then you have to add the “Get this.kine.global”.

      • Right. OK.

        Fiar enough. Thanks.

        The problem I am having as in that thread is that the Pin constraint is simply not working as expected.

        That is what I am interested in solving.

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