Softimage 2012 Service Pack 1 available for download

Download it here.

The latest service pack for Autodesk® Softimage® 2012 software includes 70 fixes. See below the fold for a complete list of fixes

Softimage 2012 SP1 is a full build and can co‐exist with Softimage 2012.
Softimage 2012 is not required to be uninstalled first.
Softimage 2012 SP1 uses the same license as Softimage 2012. When installing Softimage 2012 SP1:
• Enter the product key 590D1 and your Softimage 2012 serial number, and then click Next.
• If you have a Network license, click Configure to switch to the Network licensing method.

The full list of fixes is as follows:

Data Management
FELX‐2105 Material trees take longer to process in 2012 vs. 2011.5
FELX‐2078 Corruption is persisted after saving in shaders which share classIDs with other initially corrupt shaders.
FELX‐1990 Performance: Scenes coming from previous version take much longer to load in 2012 than in 2011
FELX‐1834 FBX from maya imports with wrong camera rotation values
FELX‐1643 Refmodel Keys offset not saved in delta on referenced model with existing animation
FELX‐2300 Group visibility override does not stay on ref model upon scene loading
FELX‐2057 FR | Nothing happens when moving tongue controllers (tongue mesh is not affected)
FELX‐1946 FR | Shape Export Crashes during Build Rig
FELX‐1773 FR | Warning when solving heads in Face Robot
FELX‐2220 ICE | If node can occasionally skip data for blob types (Strings and Topos)
FELX‐2219 ICE | Show value of string data can be wrong if strings are constant per component
FELX‐2172 ICE | Melena Plugin crash Softimage 2012
FELX‐2062 SyflexICE | Crash Playing SyIce Zipper Scene after changing the Side1 Point1 parameter value
FELX‐563 Lagoa | Crash when applying Turbulize Mesh operator on an Advected mesh even after it has been frozen
FELX‐2341 ICE | Crash | Add a Turret constraint to an object A then delete the Constraining object B
FELX‐2247 Lagoa hard crash Linux
ICE Modeling
FELX‐2202 ICE Modeling | Can’t set topology on external mesh if there is no modeling stack marker
FELX‐1366 ICE Modeling | CRASH topology edit with Texture Editor open
FELX‐1074 ICE Modeling | refresh/evaluation problem creating / connecting nodes
FELX‐796 ICE Modeling | [Cluster issue] Added vertex is not part of the envelope
FELX‐2169 Split edge Node misses some edges
FELX‐2163 ICE Modeling | Dangling vertices with CreateTopo node
FELX‐2150 ICE Modeling | cannot get custom topology attribute at point location
FELX‐2138 ICE Modeling | Extrusion Along Strands up vector doesn’t work properly
FELX‐2112 ICE Modeling | Subdivide locally is not working correctly when using filtered subsets
FELX‐2111 ICE Modeling | Crash in specific scenario ( setting get data to PolygonIndex )
FELX‐2088 ICE Modeling | Set Data from Chunk should expose Cutoff options
FELX‐2273 ICE Modeling | vertex inside null does merge
FELX‐2051 Crash by freezing a specific ICE Modeling scene
FELX‐2328 ICE Modeling | Create Copies from Polygon Mesh set a wrong CopyIndex
FELX‐2286 ICE Modeling | [Cluster Issue] CRASH when deleting ICE texture projection on copies of polymesh
FELX‐2320 ICE Modeling | “Get Vertices Index from Edge” is missing an “Edge Index” input port
FELX‐2179 ICE Modeling | Build Slice Planes should not expose name ports for Planes Normal and Planes Origin
FELX‐2281 ICE Topology Compounds : Create Copies from Polygon Mesh is too slow
FELX‐2273 ICE Modeling | vertex inside null does not merge
FELX‐2047 ICE Modeling | Crash when deleting ICE tree on an old mesh
FELX‐2338 LINUX | ICE Modeling first point on a curve returns ‐nan ‐nan ‐nan for XYZ value
FELX‐2276 Crash when Volumic Light Map Size is Set to Zero
FELX‐2117 Softimage crash with CGFX shader
FELX‐2302 Regression ‐ Final Gathering map creating large file when in append mode
FELX‐2035 Certain scenes disable the ability to obtain Shader nodes from the Pull‐down Menus
FELX‐2363 Rendering with FG produces temporary “mrmap” file in a non‐temporary location
FELX‐2164 Delay before Softimage 2012 starts rendering a frame
FELX‐2118 FELX‐1686 was not fixed fully. Expression on Material of a Model is still lost if importing as reference model
FELX‐2275 UVUnfoldOp Undo refresh problem with pin undo/redo
FELX‐2217 regression multi‐editing UVs
FELX‐2168 To avoid UI responsiveness problems during playback and simulation, disable tablet pressure support by default
FELX‐2140 Help button (“?”) in custom property pages broken. Cannot access custom online documentation.
FELX‐1908 Wrong Texture display importing .xsi (exported without triangulation)
FELX‐2282 Frame and Value boxes are grayed out when selecting a single fcurve without any keys
ACSO‐277 Deleting polygons doesn’t work properly with User Normal cluster properties
FELX‐2275 UVUnfoldOp Undo refresh problem with pin undo/redo
FELX‐2283 Regression ‐ Viewcube breaks when closing Render Manager PPG
FELX‐2348 ICE pinning seems broken
FELX‐2334 Error playing H.264 movies Quicktime Movies in Flipbook or FXTree
FELX‐2321 MOV file don’t play back in Softimage anymore (Fx Tree or flipbook)
FELX‐2128 Custom realtime shaders do not get valid GL context in _Term() callback ‐ leads to memory leaks
FELX‐2304 A single‐click selection in the Schematic view during a PickElement() will cause future PickElement() in the same script
to fail
ACSO‐6 FBX Export ‐ option to convert format of embedded images
ACSO‐200 Crosswalk 5.1 COLLADA Exporter does not export CgFX “bind_material” data correctly
ACS0‐270 Crosswalk COLLADA Exporter does not export CgFX “bind_material” data correctly – Second Scenario
ACSO‐216 FBX MotionBuilder Incorrect Shape Normals
ACSO‐41 Tangents/Binormals are not supported properly with XSI 6.0 / COLLADA
ACSO‐42 FBX Importer does not import Maya String DynamicAttributes
ACSO‐256 Crosswalk COLLADA does not export “bind_material” for shared materials
ACSO‐259 Crosswalk COLLADA exporter fails to export compound parameters such as
FELX‐2116 texture coming from Mudbox are not evaluated correctly
FELX‐1477 One Click: Mudbox‐Softimage: Material changes in Mudbox are not reflected in SI when there are no maps involved
FELX‐2052 LINUX‐ Help link ‐ clicking on url in help dialog will lead to wrong url

3 thoughts on “Softimage 2012 Service Pack 1 available for download

  1. I seem to be still running into FELX‐2304 even though it was supposedly fixed in 2012 SP1. When I try to use Jeremie Passerin’s Gear->Deform->Envelope->Replace Deformer. i.e. the second PickElement session fails. The problem occurs in both the schematic and explorer views.

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