ERROR : 21000-REND-RegenerateMaps – Unspecified failure

Third-party renderers, like Arnold or Maxwell, don’t support rendermap so you’ll get this error if you try to do a rendermap. In a recent case, the customer told us that he figured out that “the Maxwell render add-on was causing a conflict. Any old models I made with the add-on installed were affected, but new models created without the add on will bake textures just fine.”

3 thoughts on “ERROR : 21000-REND-RegenerateMaps – Unspecified failure

    • Yeah, that’s because I chose the “Aside” format for this post. I’ve changed it back to the Standard post format.
      I was wondering how an aside would look…

      • Well, I can’t really comment on how it looked. The lack of title was annoying from my POV as the “normal” title instantly provides you with an address you can link to (which, as you well know, I often do…) 😉

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