Context matters: from PolygonToVertices to VertexToPolygons

This came up last week on the XSI mailing list. The goal, as I understand it, was this: for each polygon, build an array that contains the indices of all polygon neighbors.

So, to start, you can get an array of vertex locations for each polygon:

But when try to use those locations to get VertexToPolygons, that’s when you hit a problem:

Usually if it’s a context mismatch, you won’t be able to plug in the connection. In this situation, you can plug the result of Point Index to Location into the Get VertexToPolygons, but as soon as you do, both nodes go red. The tooltip indicates that ICE cannot figure out the structure of the data, that is, is this a single value or an array of values? The error goes back up to the Index port on Point Index to Location (if you right-click Point Index to Location and click Show Messages, you’ll get “ERROR: The type of port ‘Index’ is not defined.”).

If you unplug Get PolygonToVertex, then things are ok:

So, it is possible to use a Repeat node to build the per-polygon array of neighbor polygons.

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