Flash in 64-bit Softimage

The latest Flash Player includes 32- and 64-bit versions of the player, so you can now see Flash content in NetView in 64-bit Softimage.

64-bit Windows 7 only!
Flash Player does not support 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Vista. Flash Player 11 now includes support for Windows 7 64-bit.

6 thoughts on “Flash in 64-bit Softimage

      • Did some forum searches (as that’s what I do 😀 ) and it seems to be possible to install the 64 bit Flash Player for Windows7 on Vista 64 as well, although it isn’t supported by Adobe.
        A person, “libflashplayer.so”, identified as an Adobe employee, had this to say about it in their forums:
        “it’s not officially supported, but installation is not blocked if you attempt to install the 64-bit package on Vista. people are able to use it on this combination without much issue, but your mileage may vary…” (http://tinyurl.com/3ej4has)
        So that’s what I would call a “definite maybe” 😉

  1. It seems that installing 64-bit flash screwd up some help preferences here. When i hit F1 error pops out saying:
    En error has occured while starting the browser to display the help pages. Either the SI_HELP_PROGRAM_ENV environment variable points to an invalid browser application, or there is no default browser installed in your system.

    SI_HELP_PROGRAM_ENV is set to iexplore.exe and that should be valid but my default is firefox and that doesn’t fly anymore. Setting IE as default fixes the problem but that is far from ideal. Whats more, uninstalling new flash doesnt help.

    I should have known not to mess with flash…

    • I haven’t had any problems since installing 64-bit Flash.
      I just made Firefox the default browser, and that worked fine for me from Softimage 2012 SAP.

      Are you on Windows 7?
      Are you using local help?

      • Yes, windows 7 64bit, local help. Restarting the machine after uninstallation of 64bit flash for IE put everything back to normal. Should have done that before commenting.

        Dont know why it happened and can’t really investigate further right now. Just wanted to try out some flash in synoptic setups… Docs are more important.

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