Adding a button to save preference changes

Softimage saves your preferences to %XSI_USERHOME%\Data\Preferences\default.xsipref when you exit Softimage.
If you want to save your current preferences, you can use the Preferences.SaveChanges() method.

Just drag this JScript to a toolbar to create a script button.

// JScript

For example, you could create a button on the Custom tab of the main shelf (View > Optional Panels > Main Shelf):

You probably want to make the button a Script Command (external file), so you can assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

3 thoughts on “Adding a button to save preference changes

    • No, in this case the idea is to save the changed preferences to the actual preference file.

      You can export your preferences elsewhere
      – in the Preferences dialog box, right-click Preferences and click Export
      – write a script that uses Preferences.Export()

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