Downloading and using undocumented compounds

A few tips for figuring out how to use a compound you downloaded that has no documentation.
Inspired by this thread on xsibase about scatter compounds.

With experience, you can usually figure out where to create the ICE tree and what to plug into the compound. But if you’re stuck, here’s a few of tips:

  • Check out the error messages. Hover the mouse over the compound (not over a port) to see the first error message. To see all error messages, right-click over the node and choose Show Messages.
  • What attributes are unresolved? For example, if the node is red because of the ID attribute, then you probably need to put the compound on a point cloud, not a geometry.
  • Check out what’s going on inside the compound. If you see Add Point, then the compound needs to be applied to a point cloud.

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