Friday Flashback #48

Three years ago, 15 Dec 2008 was my first day in the Autodesk offices. Officially, I’d been an Autodesk employee since sometime in November, but 15 Dec was the first day I reported to work at Autodesk.

I’m cool working at Autodesk and I still enjoy what I do, but I kinda miss our old offices, in the old Reitmans factory building on St Laurent boulevard. After the acquisition, the Max/Maya support guys came up to visit and do lunch, and their jaws literally dropped when they saw the offices where me, Manny, and the other support guys sat.

On the other hand, the Autodesk offices are perfectly located for a cyclist like me. To get to Softimage I had to actually bike into the city, whereas the Autodesk is down at the Old Port, practically right at the end of the bike path along the Lachine canal.

Here’s some pics of the old Softimage headquarters:

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I’ve pulled out the panorama of Erik’s office so you can get a better look at it. Erik was a “cool dude” on the Softimage support team, and his office was the most fun. He had one Hot Wheels toy car pinned to wall for each month he worked at Softimage.

3 thoughts on “Friday Flashback #48

    • Just noticed the slideshow, for some reason, isn’t “Opera-proof” (what else is new?)…
      Ignore previous comment… πŸ˜‰

      • Ah, good to know. I must admit I use Firefox only for the blog, and IE for other stuff.
        So I don’t do a lot of cross-browser testing.


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