Using ICE to invert weightmap values

Here’s a more general ICE tree for inverting weightmaps: it handles weightmaps that are not in the 0-1 value.
When I first worked it out in my head I saw it like this:

But that’s just the same as using a Rescale:

Here’s a weightmap before and after being inverted by the above. In this example, the weightmap has a value range of -1 to 3.

After (inverted):

Looking at those, maybe I should do something like this:

Which gives this inverted weightmap:

2 thoughts on “Using ICE to invert weightmap values

    • See my Saturday post for a intro video on this subject.
      In brief, using Out Name to In Name connections allow to take a scene refererence like this:


      and separate it into pieces:


      The Out Name to In Name connection combines the pieces of the scene reference

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