Removing elements from an integer array without using Repeat

ICE – Here’s how to remove specific elements from an array of integers, without using any Repeat loops.
This trick works only for integer arrays.

I really should just take the time to learn how to write custom ICE nodes for this kinda stuff…

2 thoughts on “Removing elements from an integer array without using Repeat

  1. Maybe a subject for future posts “Custom ICE node” process using a C++ compiler (VC++ 2010, VC ++ Express 2010 or C++ Builder).

  2. please yes, i got into it and was able to get what i wanted but the moment i got into polymorphism it started getting ugly. the sdk example scene pass through node fails. (when switching input types of arrays per point)
    so its fine to make a tool that just handles integers, or just handles anything at the object level, but thats not really what ice is all about.
    Ive logged a bug PR-0131 CustomPassThrough c++ ice node example crash
    but it does not seem to be getting any attention.
    I think if this was solved we would see a bunch more of the capable python people cranking out handy ice nodes.
    I also started a little thread on the list about it “The big c++ plunge” and there are a bunch of people who are tinkering with it.
    please follow up on this, it would be enormously beneficial to the community.
    I dont want to be dependent on the soft developers for every obscure little ice node i need to get the job done.

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