Finding the menu commands added by a plugin

So you installed a plugin, but now you cannot find out how to access the plugin in Softimage.

If the plugin added a menu command, and it’s a scripted plugin, we can find it by checking the plugin code (in the Plugin Manager > Tree, right-click the plugin and click Edit).

Find the definition of XSILoadPlugin.
In the XSILoadPlugin function, look for any calls to RegisterMenu.

def XSILoadPlugin( in_reg ): #{{{
	in_reg.Author = "kim"
	in_reg.Name = "EPSexportPlugin"
	in_reg.Email = ""
	in_reg.URL = ""
	in_reg.Major = 1
	in_reg.Minor = 0


	# register the export command
	# 	KA_EpsExport( Application.Selection, OutputFile, CullBackFaces, doInnerLines, doBorderLines, InnerLineThickness, BorderLineThickness, AutoDiscontinuity, Xres )

	return true

RegisterMenu uses what’s called a “menu anchor” to define a new menu command. In this example, the menu anchor is siMenuMainFileExportID.

Google the menu anchor or search the SDK docs, and you’ll find a page that describes the menu anchors:

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