Deleting overlapping particles

As an exercise, I built this ICE tree that prevents any overlapping particles (for non-rotated particles only). It works by comparing the X, Y, and Z values of the vector between two points with the combined size of the two particle shapes (which are boxes in this example).

The compound node returns an array of booleans, one for each neighbour. The boolean flags indicate whether or not the particles would overlap, so if at least one is True, then I delete the particle. If you must see it, here’s the compound:

3 thoughts on “Deleting overlapping particles

  1. Hi, it looks pretty cool and very usefull.

    I tried to reproduced your tree, but I can’t acheive the same result. Only few particle remain or even none (regarding the number of partcles emitted and/or the randome size), and some are overlapping notwithstanding. I really don’t know where is the difference(s) between yours and mine. Don’t you mind to share your tree so I can compare?


  2. Many thanks!
    Here was the differences: I didn’t check “value” in the “find in array” node. Also I did’nt run the simulation on so much frames, to fill the whole area.
    Really cool tree! Cheers.

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