Crowds and actor texture projections

In this video, I show how to deal with actors that have texture projections with non-default names. The Crowd ICE compounds are set up to look for texture projections with the default “Texture_Coordinates_AUTO.Texture_Projection” name.

3 thoughts on “Crowds and actor texture projections

    • In the new Vimeo, I’m looking at my video with an https link. It used to be a normal http link, so I was used to just copying and pasting the link.

  1. After I have fixed my textures following your indications it all looks well! The problem is that when I export using Crowd/Export Crowd as FBX the resulting FBX does not respect the texture per instance and if you are trying to open that new FBX model into FlamePremium or Maya the texture will not work as there is only the single character texture but it can not be mapped for the whole crowd. Thanks in advance for your help.

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