Softimage 2013 SP1 available for download

The latest service pack for Autodesk® Softimage® 2013 software includes 75 fixes.

Here’s the list of fixes from the README:


  • SOFT-2810 Retimer Tool Softimage: Swapping Buffer curves causes refresh issue
  • SOFT-2188 MOTOR – Mistakes in tag template for BVH file crash Softimage when you click Apply in Mocap To Rig

Data Management

  • SOFT-6095 xsi crash with refmodel in texture mapping
  • SOFT-5662 Using Save Cache to Mixer button from the Caching Files Tabs causes a crash
  • SOFT-5580 RefModel: Log messages are not being displayed
  • SOFT-5555 Saving a scene with an ICE tree on a referenced model and loading it back up and you lose the ICE Tree completely.
  • SOFT-4703 Missing an expression when merge Scene


  • SOFT-6007 Softimage Crashes when light is deleted after 3d light manipulator is turned on
  • SOFT-1943 Crash: Animation Mixer Audio Track
  • SOFT-1294 SetTagValue will crash scene
  • SOFT-1862 Setup | Installation Progress Bar was not calculated properly


  • SOFT-6000 Using locations with BuildArrayFromSet gives an array that changes each time you access the array
  • SOFT-2761 ICE : using an intrinsic attribute name with AddICEAttribute will crash Softimage
  • SOFT-2707 ICE camera scene references break when using memo cam buttons.
  • SOFT-2521 Bullet: Crash while computing simulation with high number of small particles
  • SOFT-1785 Construction history of ICE Explorer and XSI Explorer doesn’t match in specific scenes
  • SOFT-1356 Operator deleted when deleting top ICETree
  • SOFT-1311 ICE keeps evaluating old group members until I replug or repick the appropriate group
  • SOFT-1266 Softimage crash when playing back (in loop mode) a RBD simulation.
  • SOFT-979 SDK : AddICEAttribute failed if object is deleted
  • SOFT-890 problem with ICE relations related to groups
  • SOFT-6150 ICE: Softimage crashes when copy-paste geometry (with ICE Tree) into a model followed by undo

ICE Crowds

  • SOFT-5948 Crowdfx: Crash when disconnecting the 1st ICE Node in the Get_Animations_Sources ICETree of the point cloud


  • SOFT-5003 Modeling | “Slide on Surface” option of Proportional doesn’t work


  • SOFT-6019 RENDERING: Setting an Invalid Temp File Path Crashes XSI On Startup
  • SOFT-6015 Material manager no longer displays clusters
  • SOFT-5986 RENDERING: Unhiding an object in the High Quality viewport crashes Softimage
  • SOFT-5947 HQV: XSI Crash On Exit When Switching To HQV With A Crowd Scene
  • SOFT-5878 Hardware Renderer Scene Option causes polymesh to appear deformed.
  • SOFT-5770 Regression – Copy/Paste Shader Compound missing a refresh
  • SOFT-5687 SDK RENDER: Memory Leak in C3DShaderParamDef When Exporting a Shader Compound
  • SOFT-5620 Ambient occlusion generated map has artifacts, in certain scenarios.
  • SOFT-5612 Crash when setting prefs in Startup event
  • SOFT-5570 XSI Crashes, when Applying A Pass Override On A CustProp That Is Being Pulled By An ICETree
  • SOFT-5564 OGL – HQV – Objects disappear
  • SOFT-5451 Regression – Shaderballs are black when using Hardware Renderer
  • SOFT-5284 Memory leak when Ambient Occlusion shader is exported and re-imported back into scene.
  • SOFT-4741 OGL -HQV Texture Repeats break the Viewcube
  • SOFT-4691 RenderTree Nodes Menu uses Replace Shader instead of Create Shader Task.
  • SOFT-4652 HQV Viewport shaders are draw black when executing from a script on a new session
  • SOFT-2922 Changing viewport shade mode to/from OpenGL modifies user normals on polygon meshes.
  • SOFT-2646 OGL HQV Refresh issue: Environment ball is temporarily visible in middle of viewport, and shaders are black
  • SOFT-1663 Tiles randomly not being rendered on multicore systems with On-Disk Framebuffers enabled.
  • SOFT-1473 A parameter’s animation icon is disappeared when creating Group or Tab in a compound shader
  • SOFT-1402 OGL HQV Shadows: artifacts on polymesh edge and component selection
  • SOFT-1320 Wrong display results with generated ultimaps
  • SOFT-1071 Linux – Incomplete rendered EXR frames when On-Disk Framebuffers enabled
  • SOFT-5036 Crash when you assign specific tiff with LZW compression


  • SOFT-6083 SDK: CRigidBodyAccessor.GetPatriarch (), GetShapes(), GetShapeCount() crashes, when no rigid body is present
  • SOFT-6025 FindView2 methods crash Softimage if the specified view does not exist
  • SOFT-6016 GetObjectFromID2 crashes Softimage if the object does not exist
  • SOFT-6003 ICE: GetPortFromName2() crashes if portname does not exist in ICE node
  • SOFT-5993 SDK: Primitive.GetGeometry3() with no arguments causes crash
  • SOFT-5970 SDK: Loading a workgroup on startup using a .wkg file causes assert and crash
  • SOFT-5861 SDK BACKCOMP: Python Import Shortcuts Syntax Help Not Compatible with Legacy Versions of Softimage
  • SOFT-5790 C++ SDK | Missing Classification Argument in Factory::CreateParamDef()
  • SOFT-5691 SDK: Memory Leak when executing WeightEditorView.GetAttributeValue( “invaliddeformers” )
  • SOFT-2709 SDK | AddScriptedOp fails on first execution under Linux
  • SOFT-1732 SDK: FCurve.Type conversion from siBooleanFCurve to siIntegerFCurve fails and asserts
  • SOFT-1546 SDK: LoadPlugin() not returning the existing plug-in
  • SOFT-6160 Softimage crashes when retrieving view collection from nested views


  • SOFT-5355 Cannot use Simulate Bullet Rigid Bodies with states


  • SOFT-2619 FR Game Export – Click on “Use Duplicate” on the Game Export PPG then Softimage will crash


  • SOFT-2406 LINUX | PPGs pop under views
  • SOFT-1302 Transient Explorer pops under PPGs. ( Fedora Core 14 )
  • SOFT-5411 Scene specific: Layers nodes are not visible on SE and Layers Curves not visible on the AE with CharacterKeySets


  • SOFT-6011 FBX | keying issue – being changed to 1 key in 2 frame
  • SOFT-5832 FBX material are in the wrong shader node after export import.
  • SOFT-5811 FBX : Diffuse port is missing during export / import of Blinn
  • SOFT-5677 FBX : ICE crash during FBX export in “Mesh_With_Set_ICEMaterials_Tree.scn”
  • SOFT-5632 Unused UVs in an object with “Turn Internal Edge” operation will be wrong in the FBX export-import process
  • SOFT-5352 FBX exporter is splitting UVs causing issues in pipeline
  • SOFT-5160 FBX: XSI crash when export fbx bone using Export Envelope options
  • SOFT-2308 The cancel button is not working in the crosswalk FBX import\export
  • SOFT-1725 FBX: unable to export an image node with constant shader

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