Softimage build versions

For reference, here are the Build Versions for the Autodesk Softimage releases:

Release Build Version
2013 SP1
2013 11.0.525.0
2012 SAP
2012 SP1
2012 10.0.422.0
2011 SAP SP1
2011 SP2
2011 SP1
2010 SP1

2 thoughts on “Softimage build versions

    • The version numbers are MAJOR.MINOR.BUILD, where the BUILD number is an internal ID for a specific build. As you might expect, Softimage is built on a daily basis, and every build has its own build number. Usually this number is only useful for people on the Beta, sometimes they think they have the release version but actually they have a slightly earlier version that was released to the beta group: the build number is how we would identify that.

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