Online help search is back!

The Search tab is working again for the online Softimage documentation. Previously it wasn’t returning many hits for the SDK searches.

Here’s the search results for “SICreateLayer”, both in the browser and, for comparison, with the old CHM search.

6 thoughts on “Online help search is back!

      • But to once again state the painfully obvious: will there ever be such a doc update, before the next version? I mean the online documentation was once hailed as “a more dynamic and up-to-date resource (…) Content can be updated on an on-going basis between releases.” (quoted from this blog – ). Somehow small things like this make me wonder… 😉

      • I don’t know if there will ever be doc updates for a Service Pack. Ideally, however, doc dev should become more agile to match up with code dev. I’ve heard some talk about that but I don’t know how it is going for the doc teams.

  1. The fact that doc updates aren’t planned for Service Packs is understandable, as long as the SP is “feature identical” to its “mothership”. The fact that there,however, has been an important Python related SDK change in this SP would have warranted an update IMHO. That’s what having a ” dynamic and up-to-date resource” would be for, I’d say…

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