Friday Flashback #89

Courtesy of Ed Harriss, here’s some pics of the old SOFTIMAGE Creative Environment boxes. I haven’t seen one of these boxes since we moved out of the Softimage offices on St Laurent; if you went down to the doc team area, you’d see these Creative Environment docs on the bookshelves.

The Softimage product was known as “Creative Environment” until 1995, when it became SOFTIMAGE|3D. Here’s a version history of the SOFTIMAGE Creative Environment (CE) and SOFTIMAGE|3D (SI3D) products.

1988 CE v0.8
1989 CE v1.5
Sep-90 CE v2.1
1991 CE v2.5
CE v2.51
CE v2.52
CE v2.65
CE v2.66
1995 SI3D v3.0 (NT)
1996 SI3D v3.5
SI3D v3.51
1997 SI3D v3.7
SI3D v3.7 SP1
Jul-98 SI3D v3.8
Jan-99 SI3D v3.8 SP1
Aug-99 SI3D v3.8 SP2
Mar-00 SI3D v3.9
May-00 SI3D v3.9.1
Dec-00 SI3D v3.9.2
Mar-01 SI3D v3.9.2.1
May-01 SI3D v3.9.2.2
Feb-02 SI3D v4.0

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