Friday Flashback #99

In Dec 2012, there’s a rumor that ICE is “going to Maya” that’s causing some concern. Nobody wants to lose ICE 🙂

Let’s flash back five years to Dec 2007 when, in something of an ironic counterpoint, there was concern that rampant speculation about Moondust (aka ICE) would result in disappointment and a negative backlash.

…looking at all the nonsense floating around on the forums about Moondust, I already can see the negative posts when people realize it doesn’t do feature XYZ…

…It’s not going to go well for Softimage at launch if Moondust doesn’t meet expectations, and at this point, I’d be willing to bet that it won’t…

…Although it’s fun to speculate about Moondust, the over excited anticipation can only lead to disappointment…

Looking back, I don’t think that ICE did disappoint. What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Friday Flashback #99

  1. oh….realy 😉 ?
    ice have 4 kinds od problems
    1) you mast add so meny nouds if you want create advanced efects
    2)only few presents, you (almost) always start from begine :/ (yes, i know )
    3) the greater number of instances (100, 200) slows down the program even as there is no animation – for example, a trees
    4). On the end – forget about rendering smoke or fire – it looks like 10 years before
    …where is FumeFX ;)?

    of course ice is very helpful in projects 🙂 and often saved my ass – like today

  2. Well, I think, ICE as such did not disappoint, especially when it became clear with later versions that we hadn’t seen all it had in store for us just yet. The classic problem that came with the introduction of ICE IMHO was the general shift of focus the software seems to have underwent from being primarily a high-end character animation package to becoming more and more of a VFX software tool, making it harder to “pin down” one way or the other. And probably as a result of that It became “the perfect companion…” slogan (a marketing Flashback in itself, I’d say!) 😉

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