8 thoughts on “Friday Flashback #100

  1. I was using Softimage since version 3.5 I was over shadowed by everyone 😦 (I know some were using it since version 1.0, but 3.5 wasn’t that far ahead) I didn’t find XSI Base until years later and I was still using Lightwave that I was using originally on the Video Toaster.

  2. Would be nice to recover XSI Base too!
    Actually I don’t understand why none of the XSI Base Ghosts said anything about the disappearing of the site. Quite curios…

  3. But, Ed Harris? He has been in the site till the end, and sometime trying to recover it from the suspicious malicious viruscious.
    But then, suddenly…no more XSI Base.
    Maybe Christopher is right: Illuminati are involved in destroying the proofs of the existence of a superior software called Softimage. I think they are burning the few Softimage Books around the world, either…

  4. All joking aside: the gradual downfall of the XSIBase and its eventual quite abrupt end could have been handled a bit better PR-wise IMHO. We had to hear about its end from one of their “last-gen” moderators mattmos over at the si-community. I haven’t seen any “official statement/farewell” (but I could be missed it). One gets the strong impression the remaining member(s?) of the original team didn’t really care too much about the XSIBase anymore. This happens. I really don’t think, however, the illustrious Illuminati have anything to do with this. The jury still out on their role in the demise of Softimage, but they would seem to not have had a hand in the untimely demise of the XSIBase. But this obviously could also be disinformation…
    FNORD! 😀

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