Friday Flashback #108

Hmmm…last Friday was the 19th anniversary of the Microsoft purchase of Softimage (15 Feb 1994). I really missed it on that one. Now I’ll have to wait for the 20th anniversary; hopefully I’ll still be doing Friday Flashbacks this time next year.

Anyways, on to this week’s flashback…From Jurassic Park (1993) to Gladiator (2001), a “representative sample” of motion pictures created with Softimage products.

Gladiator Mill Film 2001
Jurassic Park 3 Industrial Light & Magic 2001
Moulin Rouge 2001
The Mummy Returns 2001
Shadows Mitch Levine Director 2000
Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace Industrial Light & Magic 2000
X-MEN Pacific Ocean Post 2000
Fight Club Pixel Liberation Front & BUF 1999
Forces of Nature Dreamworks Pictures 1999
Galaxy Quest Industrial Light & Magic 1999
Stuart Little Centropolis FX 1999
The Mummy 1999
Antz Pacific Data Images & Dreamworks Pictures 1998
Babe: Pig in the City Animal Logic 1998
Deep Impact Industrial Light & Magic 1998
Deep Rising Industrial Light & Magic 1998
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas Peerless Camera 1998
Flubber Industrial Light & Magic 1998
Godzilla Centropolis 1998
Jack Frost Industrial Light & Magic and Warner Bros 1998
Jurassic Park 2 Industrial Light & Magic 1998
Lost in Space Framestore 1998
Matrix Animal Logic 1998
Meet Joe Black Industrial Light & Magic 1998
My Favorite Martian Tippett Studio 1998
Prince of Egypt Dreamworks Pictures 1998
Saving Private Ryan Industrial Light & Magic 1998
Small Soldiers Industrial Light & Magic 1998
Snake Eyes Industrial Light & Magic 1998
Species II Digital Magic & Transfer 1998
Sphere Cinesite 1998
The Borrowers Framestore 1998
The Thin Red Line Animal Logic 1998
What Dreams May Come Pacific Ocean Post 1998
A Simple Wish Blue Sky 1997
Air Force One Cinesite 1997
Alien Resurrection Blue Sky – VIFX 1997
An American Werewolf in Paris Santa Barbara Studios 1997
Anastasia Fox Animation Studio 1997
Batman and Robin BUF Compagnie 1997
Contact Sony Pictures Imageworks and Weta Ltd. 1997
Men in Black Industrial Light & Magic 1997
Mortal Kombat:Annihilation The Digital Magic 1997
Spawn Industrial Light & Magic 1997
Speed 2 Industrial Light & Magic 1997
Starship Troopers Tippett Studio 1997
Star Wars Trilogy Industrial Light & Magic 1997
The Edge Peerless Camera 1997
The Fifth Element Digital Domain 1997
The Lost World Industrial Light & Magic 1997
The Relic VIFX 1997
Titanic Digital Domain 1997
101Dalmations Industrial Light & Magic 1996
12 Monkeys Peerless Camera 1996
Dragonheart Industrial Light & Magic 1996
Eraser Mass Illusion 1996
Joe’s Apartment Blue Sky 1996
Mars Attack! Industrial Light & Magic 1996
Mission Impossible Industrial Light & Magic 1996
Space Jam Industrial Light & Magic 1996
Star Trek:First Contact Industrial Light & Magic 1996
Surviving Picasso Peerless Camera 1996
T2-3D Digital Domain 1996
The Adventures ofPinocchio MediaLab 1996
The Frighteners Weta Ltd. 1996
The Island of Dr. Moreau Digital Domain 1996
Balto Amblimation 1995
Casper Industrial Light & Magic 1995
Judge Dredd 1995
Jumanji Industrial Light & Magic 1995
La Cite des Enfants Perdus BUF Compagnie 1995
Star Trek:Generations Industrial Light & Magic 1994
The Flinstones Industrial Light & Magic 1994
The Mask Industrial Light & Magic 1994
The Shadow R/Greenberg & Associates 1994
Death Becomes Her Industrial Light & Magic 1993
Jurassic Park Industrial Light & Magic 1993

9 thoughts on “Friday Flashback #108

  1. David Morin of f/x house Manex Visual Effects, the digital studio of Manex Entertainment. Moran previously was VP of special projects and content group at Softimage, a division of Avid Technology.

    Manex Visual Effects won Academy Awards for “What Dreams May Come” and “The Matrix.”

    • Yes, I remember David Morin, the man in black (he always wore a black suit), from my first few years at Softimage. I can remember a presentation he gave about the effects in the The Matrix. Everybody was always talking about The Matrix back then; I’ve never actually seen the whole movie 😉

      • I wouldn’t worry about not seeing it, the previous Mr Jones saw it enough times for everybody! Twice. Why do you think I knew about it! 🙂

  2. Oh. It´s time do bring Softimage back as major 3d Software of Hollywood movies. All Sumatra/Twister thing delay has been damaged almost to extintion in that time because Maya migration, now Softimage is resurrecting to new Glory and Merit! (i really believe in it).

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