10 thoughts on “Friday Flashback #111

  1. Too bad the very first incarnation (1994) of the website is missing in action, from back in the day before people started archiving all these little gems…

  2. Blair you should do a post on how many years some people were, or are still using Softimage. I didn’t start using Softimage until the dawn of Foundation (5.0). Now we are going to Softimage 12.0, even though it appears to be a 11.5 version 😦
    Why did they cancel SAP, makes me wonder after this release (12.0)

    • SAP was cancelled for 2013 SP1 to allow development to transition from Montreal to Singapore. My understanding is it was a one-time thing and SAP should return with the 2014 release.

      • Maybe. Maybe not. I think Autodesk is moving away from the Advantage Pack model; the rest of Autodesk (that is, the non-M&E part) already doing that when I was still there. For example, was there an Inventor 2013 SAP? I can’t find it.

  3. @xsisupport – I am afraid you’re right. The Subscription Advantage Pack was AFAIK sort of a “subscription benefit”, but now that AD once again raised upgrade prices, making regular upgrades so much less attractive, they probably figure Subscription needs no additional benefits.;)

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