Softimage 2014

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  • Python v2.7.3 for Windows and Linux.
  • Softimage 2014 is 64-bit only. No more 32-bit.
  • XP no longer supported.
  • Fedora still the supported Linux distro.
  • New icon on the task bar:

8 thoughts on “Softimage 2014

  1. For me is best “feature” cliping actions in mixer interface 😦 I have my own system for camera sequence. But it is great that many bug fix was done.

  2. yes i agree its great many bug fixes are done. but that should not constitute a full blown new ‘release’ but merely a 2013.5 release in my oppinion. Not sure people want to keep paying just for the new logo and 1 semi-real new feature. Or maybe to cheer us up XSisupport knows something is coming in next releases that we don’t know yet? : )

    • “don’t know yet?”
      … I know ;)…. in Softimage 2015 will be gradient in background and darker interface πŸ˜€

      • As ex-maya user, I and many others users still wrote on forum: “No more new features please, repair bugs!” Now my wish is done .. in another software πŸ™‚ When I read release notes, I was glad, that they repaired my reported bug πŸ™‚

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