Copying colors from point cloud to polygonizer mesh

To get the colors from the point cloud onto the polygonizer mesh, you need to do something like this:

  1. On the polygonizer mesh, create an ICE Tree.
  2. Use Get Closest Location to get a location on the point cloud, get the color from that location.
  3. Store that color somewhere (eg in an attribute on the polygonizer mesh, or in a vertex color map).

Here I’m storing the colors in a CAV:

And here I’m sticking the colors in a per-point Color attribute:

8 thoughts on “Copying colors from point cloud to polygonizer mesh

  1. I love your posts. They open your eyes about certain details in Softimage. But ICE… man, ICE is just not meant for me!

  2. For mental ray there’s also the “point cloud lookup” node – could be considered for this in case the mesh isn’t dense enough. Does read vectors only so some conversion would have to be done too.

  3. Oh, thanks!
    Yesterday I had very hard time trying to workaround same task because I didn`t know that I can use “Get Closest Location” with point cloud instead of geometry as input =)

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