Friday Flashback #116

Marketing collateral for SOFTIMAGE|DS (from the Avid days).
I was originally hired at Softimage to be the lead writer on the DS documentation. That never happened. I sat around for months reading specs, going to meetings, and endlessly preparing doc plans, until I was drafted into doing some actual writing work on DKit. Then I moved on to the SOFTIMAGE|SDK, and I never did work on the DS docs, except for the DS|SDK.

1 thought on “Friday Flashback #116

  1. I edited a few projects with the DS and did some heavy VFX work with it back in the day. Was always happy with it. Love how XSI and DS are so close in look and feel and operation in many ways. I can say, though, as a big XSI user that I am VERY happy you ended up working on XSI!

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