Unlimited batch rendering with xsibatch -processing

Hat tip: Andy Jones on the Softimage mailing list

You can use xsibatch -processing to render scenes with third-party renderers like Arnold. With -processing, xsibatch uses a Processing token instead of a Batch license, so you’re not limited by the number of Batch licenses you happen to have. Back in the days before third-party renderers, -processing for was for non-rendering tasks. Now it’s for non-mental ray tasks!

I was sure I tested this long ago, but obviously I must have made a mistake on my command line.

xsibatch -processing -render //server/project/Scenes/example.scn

 Autodesk Softimage

License information: using [Processing]
# INFO : [sitoa] SItoA 2.7.1 win loaded.
# INFO : [sitoa] Arnold detected.

Here’s actual proof in the form of a screenshot ๐Ÿ™‚


7 thoughts on “Unlimited batch rendering with xsibatch -processing

  1. Exactly how it should be! I kept asking/complaining about this months ago! I thought it pretty bad that if I wanted to buy extra vray nodes, I wouldn’t be able to render with them through xsibatch!

  2. So why is this “loophole” limited to third-party renderers? Just asking, BTW, I don’t know anything about render licenses.

    • Because they are not mental ray ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s always been a limited number of mental ray rendering licenses with Softimage or, before that, with XSI, and -processing wasn’t meant to be a backdoor to unlimited mental ray.

      I always assumed there was no loophole.

      And, I’m sorry to hear about your broken arm. I hope it’s not too bad and that you’re healing nicely! How do you like typing with one hand? I found that you get a bit used to it after a week or two.

      • Well, typing with one hand and all the internet stuff goes surprisingly well (but a bit slower than usual). It’s the “real-life” stuff that turns out to be the real pain…

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