Screenshots of the week

Offset weight map in ICE
by Vladimir Jankijevic
by Jens Lindgren

ICE Framework: Locations
by SoftimageHowTos

Retime particle cache data with Camera Sequencer

Maya\Softimage crossbreeding. Softimage ICE strands and Maya Paint Effects

3 thoughts on “Screenshots of the week

  1. I take it you’re back from vacation… How was it? Did you find time to relax?
    Will you open a special dedicated website (like Mark did with his VW adventure) to commemorate the trip or are you at least going to show us some pictures here (please do)?

    • Yup, I’m back. I had a few days of relaxing by the pool at our Tuscan villa, and the rest of the time I was walking and driving around Italy, eating good food and drinking fine wine 🙂 At the villa we even had a surprise wedding as two of our friends arranged their own wedding and reception on the sly. Oh, and I went to Paris too for a few days. More walking, food, and wine!

      I have some pics over here:

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